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Bromley Pest Control
Bromley Pest Control has since 1990, been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the London and Kent areas.
We have a comprehensive line of pest control services to promptly, safely and efficiently solve any pest problem or threat.


Finding a pest in your home is never pleasant, whether it’s an insect, a rodent or something even worse. You should expect a quick and sympathetic response.
We have fully integrated pest management procedures to cover the broad range of insects, birds and mammals that are likely to invade your environment. All our work is carried out with regard to health & safety and the protection of non-target animals.
Fast And Discreet Pest Services. Guaranteed Treatments.


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Tevja Weston

Tevja Weston

Tevja has grown up around the pest control industry. After college he spent a few years in the building industry and has a good knowledge of house structure and workings, which aids with his knowledge of how pests access houses and how to stop them. Tevja has spent a lot of time volunteering for charities and brings that spirit to help our clients solve their pest problems.
John Weston

John Weston

Founding Partner
John started Bromley Pest Control in 1988. Since then he has built up a good reputation with his domestic and commercial clients for conscientious and reliable work. He now plays a consultative role while Tevja takes the leading role in the family business.
Patricia Weston

Patricia Weston

Patricia has worked as a Secretary and in Accounts since leaving College. She also gained a post graduate diploma in British Sign language Interpreting and enjoyed working in this field for many years. She now works in the office of the family business and is happy to deal with any queries you may have.

Super work by Tevja - we had rats in our walls, loft etc and he went above and beyond to help us source the entry (next door!). Would highly recommend... read more

Sarah Campbell Avatar Sarah Campbell

Tevja was so kind and thoughtful as I am terrified of vermin. The other company that came only stayed 5 mins and didnt even look to see where the problem... read more

Anne Reeves Avatar Anne Reeves

Super knowledgeable with pragmatic professionalism… Refreshing that they are more interested in an honest service than trying to make a quick buck. Would definitely recommend.

The M Sethards Avatar The M Sethards

A very professional and thorough service. We had a squirrel problem, it had found a way in to a loft space and was using it as a nest/storage. Tevja talked... read more

terry scarles Avatar terry scarles

The service was prompt, professional and thorough. Tevja managed to sort out a wasp nest we had in an interior wall cavity without any problems. Thank you. I will be... read more

Jonathan Liddell Avatar Jonathan Liddell

Positive: Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value Tevja fixed an on going, extremely stressful rodent problem within one night. Knowledgable, professional, fairly... read more

Ollie Hannifan Avatar Ollie Hannifan

Knowledgeable, efficient and effective service. Has successfully got rid of both ants and mice for us with very little bother. Highly recommended.

Mike Bradburn Avatar Mike Bradburn

We are a local tree service undertaking some tree pruning for a client. We discovered a large wasp nest within a hedge which prevented us from completing the job. Contacted... read more

Josh Byfield Avatar Josh Byfield

Tevja attended my property recently to deal with a wasps nest. Very impressed with the professional job done.Service: Hornets or wasps

Mikomotor Avatar Mikomotor

I’ve used Bromley Pest Control a number of times now as they were recommended by one of my managing agents. As professional landlords and property developers we need a company... read more

Steven Bragoli Avatar Steven Bragoli

Positive: Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value Tevja at Bromley Pest Control attended my property to deal with a wasp nest in... read more

Maggie W Avatar Maggie W

After having used another local company and spent a lot of money, with poor results, I found Bromley Pest Control online and read the reviews listed here. Tevja could... read more

Vittorio Giannini Avatar Vittorio Giannini


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Noises between 9am-11am? or 2am-4am?

Food Disappearing in the night?

Strange smell?  Pile of droppings in a corner?

You May Have Rats!!!

  • Rats are a hazard to public health. They can transmit diseases which can be fatal to humans, such as Weil’s disease.
  • They also carry disease organisms such as Salmonella bacteria, viruses and parasites such as worms and fleas.
Rat exit point from drains
  • The main priority is to try and find how they entered the property,  Without this stage it could be possible that total control could not be achieved. Even if the current rats are cleared, other rats could return in months to come.

Bromley Pest Control Eliminate Rat issues with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

This involves finding and sealing entry holes, removing food sources, monitoring activity, lethal action, Cleaning and disinfecting.

We will also leave a detailed report of every action that has taken place.


Biology and Behaviour

In an urban environment rats readily find food from a variety of sources such as, food waste thrown on the groundpoor management of feeding wild birds in gardens, poorly contained refuse from commercial and domestic premises, drains and sewers.

Rats will burrow, especially into soil, compost heaps, under paved areas such as patios and sheds. Service pipes such as Gas and water are also at risk with rats burrowing under foundations undermining buildings and other structures. Rats can be frequently found living inside buildings in cavities between walls and roof spaces or under piles of rubbish, near water or in drains and sewers. Due to the rats ability to squeeze through small openings it can be difficult to keep rats out of buildings without some form of proofing (sealing up) of gaps and holes.

Air vent chewed under decking

Rats must continuously gnaw as their incisor teeth continuously grow through the whole of their life. Their incisor teeth are extremely strong and sharp so they can penetrate materials such as hard woods, concrete, lead and aluminium. This can result in expensive damage and even can lead to fires with a risk to public safety when electric cables are damaged. Rats can breed very quickly a healthy female can produce 5 litters a year each with between 6 and 8 young, with these offspring attaining sexual maturity in 8 to 12 weeks. At any time it is estimated that as many as30% of female rats in a population may be pregnant.

It is very easy for infestation of rats to build up without ever noticing or seeing a rat. Their nocturnal habits tend to keep them away from the human contact. If a rat is seen during the day it can be an indicator of an infestation.

Signs of infestations are:

From drain to roof via pipework
  • Droppings,
  • Gnaw (teeth) marks,
  • Runs and smear (grease) marks.

What can you do to prevent an infestation?

There are many issues that cause infestations of rats. Listed below are some items that are worth checking to make sure that an infestation is less likely:

  • Ensure that any broken air vents are replaced.
  • Ensure that all holes in exterior walls are sealed with a suitable material (concrete)
  • Ensure that any defective drainage is promptly repaired such as broken drain pipes and inspection chambers covers
  • Ensure that your rubbish/waste is placed in an approved bin with a good fitting lid
    Chewing out of gully and into house

    Gully trap been chewed through and into the property

  • Ensure that any compost heaps/bins is properly maintained (rats can burrow into compost heaps or under bins
  • Place food intended for garden birds on a bird table or approved feeder, do not place food for birds directly onto the ground

Removing easily accessible food and eliminating shelter for rats are among the most basic and important factor to prevent an infestation. If you find signs of an infestation for example rat droppings, gnawing marks, smear marks take immediate action to control the infestation. If you request a baiting programme to eliminate rats for the programme to be successful it is vital to maintain an uninterrupted supply of bait. This can only be achieved by ensuring that all revisits appointments made with the pest control team are kept.

You must not interfere or reposition any baits laid as part of a treatment programme and you must keep all children and pets away from bait stations at all times. If you decide to treat an infestation yourself do not leave rat bait down for extended periods, remove baits as soon as the infestation has been controlled, this will reduce the risk of rodenticide resistance.

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Bromley Pest Control is a successful family run business that has been thriving for over 22 years covering the SE quadrant of London and surrounding areas. During this time BPC have built up a good reputation whilst working for local Councils, Estate Agents, and the Commercial sector as well as with private householders.

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