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Glis Glis: The Destructive Dormouse and the Law in the UK

Glis glis, also known as European edible dormice, might seem like harmless nocturnal cuties, but in the UK, they can be destructive pests. While the thought of a cuddly rodent might be appealing, glis glis can wreak havoc on your property and finances. Let’s explore the damage they cause and the legal restrictions surrounding their control.

Destructive Chewers:

Glis glis are known for their relentless gnawing. These chewers target a variety of materials in your home, including:

• Electrical Wires: This poses a serious fire hazard. Damaged wires can spark and ignite surrounding materials, potentially causing a devastating house fire.

• Insulation: Glis glis can chew through insulation, reducing your home’s energy efficiency and increasing heating costs.

• Furniture and Belongings: No object is safe from their sharp teeth. They can damage anything stored in the loft or other areas including furniture, stored items, and even walls with their constant chewing.

Legal Restrictions:

Unlike some other rodents, glis glis are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This means there are legal restrictions on how you can control them:

• Trapping Requires a License: You cannot simply set traps for glis glis yourself. To legally trap them, you’ll need a special license (CL02) issued by Natural England. Bromley Pest Control hold the License for 2024

• Humane Dispatch: Even with a license, captured glis glis cannot be released back into the wild. The law requires humane dispatch.

Professional Help: The safest and most effective course of action is to hire a pest control company licensed to handle glis glis. Bromley Pest Control have the expertise and legal authorization to remove them safely.

What You Can Do:

If you suspect a glis glis infestation, here’s what you can do legally:

Contact Your Local Licenced Pest Control Company: As one, we can advise you on the regulations in your area and can offer guidance on removal techniques.

Seal Entry Points: Prevent future infestations by sealing any potential entry points in your home, like gaps around pipes and wires.

• Hire a Licensed Pest Controller: For existing infestations, a licensed professional can safely remove the glis glis and ensure they are dealt with humanely according to the law.

By understanding the legal restrictions and the damage caused by glis glis, you can take the necessary steps to protect your home and comply with UK wildlife regulations.

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