Drain Survey

Often a visual survey and inspection reveals no obvious rat entry point. At this stage we recommend a drain survey […]

Bed Bugs

Bromley Pest Control can help you eliminate this issue from your property. As each situation is different please make contact […]

Grey Squirrel

Bromley Pest Control only take action against squirrels with regards to Danger to health and damage. Bromley Pest Control would survey the area affected and either seal up the access point so they cannot get back in (if its a viable option) or  trap the squirrels and then seal up the access points. 


Noises between 9am-11am? or 2am-4am? Food Disappearing in the night? Strange smell?  Pile of droppings in a corner? You May […]


The first signs of rodent activity often start with scratching noises usually in the loft space. Droppings may be seen where mice are active e.g. Kitchen work surfaces, cupboards etc. These droppings are black in colour and resemble a grain of rice.

Ant Control

Black ants (also known as Lasius niger) are, an extremely active insect commonly, found throughout the UK.

Cockroach Control

There are two main Pest species in the country German (Blattella germanica) and Oriental (Blatta orientalis)

clothes moth

Clothes Moths

Some moths are found throughout a property so all floor areas will need to be cleared prior to our visit. All furniture should be moved from the edges of the room to allow access to the floor wall junctions.


Fleas are insects that live on hosts and feed on blood. Fleas fall into two categories human and animal. Although there are at least 1,000 known species of fleas, only three species are commonly found in houses and the workplace.

Wasps & Hornet Control

Wasps nest prices in the Bromley Borough from £80 No VAT. We treat either with a wet or dry insecticide, or remove the nest alive if its in the ground