clothes moth

Clothes Moths are often seen low to the ground or on the ceiling. Its the Larvae that do damage, which eat natural fibres, either in clothes or carpets etc.

Bromley Pest Control technicians use a multi pronged approach to treat these pests.

Clothes Moths can often go into “Diapause” in which they stop growing. This causes problems with eliminating them as they may not get in touch with the insecticide while it is still active.

Before the Pest Control Officer arrives to commence treatment you must carry out the following preparations:-


• To carry out a really effective treatment will need to get access to all areas that the moths are being found.

• Some moths are found throughout a property so all floor areas will need to be cleared prior to our visit. All furniture should be moved from the edges of the room to allow access to the floor wall junctions.

• Thoroughly Hoover all carpets and rugs and clean all carpet free floor areas. Pay particular attention to areas where moth larvae may be able to hide unnoticed. Empty the vacuum cleaner directly into the dustbin or change the bag after cleaning.

• Other moths are found in more localised areas such as kitchen cupboards. These will need to be emptied and cleared of all items so a thorough inspection can be made with a more targeted treatment.

• If you can try to identify the type of moth it will help to discover how the moth entered the property

• Try to find a sample to show the technician when he arrives. Some moths are found in foods, so removing the source of the problem will assist in preventing them spreading.

• People and domestic pets must leave the rooms being treated and not be allowed to return until the insecticide is dry. Cover fish tanks and all electrical appliances.

If you do not carry out these preparations the Pest Control Officer will not carry out the treatment.

After the Pest Control Officer has carried out the treatment

• Do not enter these rooms for at least three hours or until the Officer advises.

• Do not vacuum the carpets or clean the treated area for at least 14 days to allow the insecticide time to work.

One treatment may not be sufficient to control the infestation but the products used carry on working for some weeks. The moths should die off gradually after coming into contact with the insecticide. If there is still a problem 28 days after the original treatment you will need to book a new job via our website. Unfortunately we can offer no guarantees for completely eradicating Moths.