How do I recognise a Mouse?

There are mainly two types of mice in our area.

House Mouse ( Mus musculus )

Field Mouse ( Apodemus sylvaticus )

The house mouse is a small slender rodent with a pointed nose, small black eyes, large ears and a hairless tail. Adult mice weigh between 1/2 to 1 ounce. They are greyish brown with a lighter grey belly.

mouseWhere and how do they live

Mice live in and around homes, farms, open land etc. but the house mouse is normally found inhabiting buildings where it finds harbourage, warmth and food. They eat many types of food but generally prefer seed and grain and, unlike rats, are not hesitant to try new foods. Foods high in protein fat or sugar may be preferred even when grain is available. Such items as butter, cheese, bacon etc are often eaten and mice meet their water needs from the food they eat.

Signs of Infestation

The first signs of rodent activity often start with scratching noises usually in the loft space. Droppings may be seen where mice are active e.g. Kitchen work surfaces, cupboards etc. These droppings are black in colour and resemble a grain of rice.

Other signs might include footprints in dust, gnawing marks and obviously sightings

Preventative Measures

To gain access a mouse only needs a hole the diameter of a pencil so full proofing is difficult however the following suggestions should be useful:

  • Fill all holes around pipes and cables where they enter your house . Use cement/mortar or other suitable external filler
  • Similarly fill all spaces around overflows, waste pipes etc.
  • Fill gaps/holes where roof tiles meet the soffit . Crumpled wire mesh and cement mortar can be used.
  • Seal all holes around door/window frames.
  • Cover air bricks with fine wire gauze however you must ensure that the air flow is not restricted.

In addition to the above you should ensure that access to a ready supply of food is prevented. Ideally food should be stored in closed containers, you should also clean up spills immediately.

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